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The Piper App for Gate Clearance and Visitor Management

CONDUU uses the Piper app for gate clearance and visitor management. 

The Piper app is a mobile application that allows residents of a community and condominium associations to connect directly to their gatehouse.  Once registered, residents can manage guests and vendor lists, track visitor history and receive arrival alerts.

CONDUU’s products enhance, supplement, and integrate with existing systems, eliminating unnecessary overhead and implementation costs.

Piper offers residents with a simple, state-of-the-art, quick option for gate clearance and visitor management.

How does the Piper App help to Improve your Community?


We design our products with diverse users in mind. User-friendly navigation and handling for people of all ages are our top priority.


Residents will have peace-of-mind that their information is secure. It is utilized to proactively manage access into their community. The user-friendly guard tablet allows staff to organize & manage visitor databases efficiently.

Professional and Fast Service

Security staff has the most up-to-date & accurate visitor information available in real-time, enhancing staff professionalism & providing fast and secure service.

Convenient Mobile Access

Today all communities should be thinking about the integration of mobile solutions for residents, in order to provide a modern standard of living. Why not tackle this challenge now and move forward with a first-class living experience!?

Time Efficiency

Piper drastically reduces the need for resident calls, outdated handwritten paper logs and data. Both residents and staff save time.


Old technology is expensive to maintain. With the Piper App no complex hardware systems or additional software is needed. After the initial set up, maintenance costs are under $1.00 per unit per month.

Custom Solutions and Long-Term Support

We customize Piper for your unique and unrepeatable needs. In addition, we provide on-going customer support and free upgrades. Since Piper is custom-made we evolve and expand the software over time to keep it state-of-the-art. We want to integrate your ideas and new features along the way.

Piper is extremely user-friendly. Our support team is always available, in case our clients or users have questions.

Easy Set-Up and Introduction

Piper does not require any complicated software or hardware. It can be set up immediately as an additional option for your residents. Instead of replacing your existing gate clearance and visitor management system, Piper can supplement it.

Security staff can manage gate clearance with an iPad or computer. Residents can use the app or web interface. 

How is the Piper App different from other Gate Clearance and Visitor Management Apps?

Unlike our competitors, we take care of all processes onsite. You will not be required to collect resident’s information or to compile or edit complicated technical documents. Our team handles everything for you.

  • IBA Technology manages all administration tasks, edit resident information, add new residents, delete old resident data, and make sure all information is always up to date.
  • IBA Technology provides continuous onsite customer support.
  • IBA Technology introduces the system in person to staff and residents, e.g. give tutorials.
  • IBA Technology provides free updates and new features to continuously optimize your app
  • IBA Technology guarantees there are no additional charges or hidden costs.
  • Given the high quality of your websites and apps we are able to connect all software – eventually designing and expanding an all-encompassing digital communication and management system.
  • IBA Technology designs our apps with future upgrades in mind. Since Piper is custom-made we evolve and expand it over time. At any point in the future, we can add new features such as hot lists, mail delivery notifications, emergency alerts, gate video entrance, building access, etc.

In short, IBA Technology offers the whole package and outstanding customer service at an affordable price.

How does the Piper App, Registration and Set Up Work?

  • Residents download the Piper App to their smartphone or tablet.
  • Each resident receives a unique security code to ensure that only eligible residents can register. Residents can then create a profile with a personal password.
  • Once registered, residents can simply type in the names of their visitors, or import names from their address book. They can choose the date and time of arrival, and send all necessary information to the gatehouse.
  • The gatehouse staff receives the names of visitors in real-time on a tablet, incl. resident information and restrictions if apply.
  • Staff can track and save all data with one click. Tablets will be provided.
  • Once a visitor has been allowed access to the community, the resident who is being visited receives an automatic arrival notification.
  • This is optional and can be sent via email or push message directly to the phone.
  • The Piper App saves visitor information, so residents can allow access to frequent visitors with just one click.

Sounds easy? It is!

The Piper App Overall Benefits:

The Piper App always gives up to date information when your gate’s personnel needs it.

The Piper App lets owners manage their guests and inform them on arrival with a convenient and easy to use mobile app.  This app can also be integrated with your web portal.

Your paperwork remains safe and secure and managers can centrally manage everything online with one easy to use application.

The Piper App integrates seamlessly with the CONDUU’s Management Suite and the Web Portal.

Gate Clearance and Visitor Management Services in the US and Florida

We offer Gate Clearance and Visitor Management Services for Condominiums and HOA’s in the United States and Florida including Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Brevard County.

Gate Clearance and Visitor Management Services in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Melbourne, Stuart and Jensen Beach

We can help you in the United States with Gate Clearance and Visitor Management Services for Condominiums and HOA’s virtually or in person in Florida, as our home offices are located in North Palm Beach, Florida. Our services are not limited to but include the following cities in Florida: West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Melbourne, Stuart, and Jensen Beach.