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CONDUU Management Suite

If you want to consolidate multiple apps or countless Excel sheets into one affordable system, you don’t have to look any further.

Manage your daily tasks and management activities: owner, tenant, vendor contact data; service requests, work orders, violations; reports and letters, all with the ease of one click.

Our solution is very customizable, so that if you have special requirements, we should be able to implement that for you.


The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

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Store all your data

Store all the files and contact info for your (sub)associations, owners, tenants, prospects, vendors, in one easy to use system.

Keep Track

Store info about owner status, and keep a history of previous owners and tenants.

Manage the association

Manage services requests, work orders and violations. Communicate with the owners right from the software. Print letters or send them via email.

Generate Reports

Generate reports for the board with one mouse click.

Highly Customizable

We can extend each entity (like contacts, properties, vendors, work orders) with custom fields for you to store additional information, or even create whole new entity types

Tasks / Todos

For each entity you can create tasks, with a due date, and assign it to yourself or any other suite user. The users will then see their assigned work items in their dashboard and in the calendar.

What else?

Quickbooks Integration

Have an overview of the owner payments and also alway owners to view their balances online.

(Only in conjunction with our Web Portal)

Web Portal Integration

Beside the balances, the management suite works well together with the web portal. For instance, let owners create and update service requests from within the web portal.

Cloud-based and Responsive

Work from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device you have. You might even want to check some status right from your smart phone.


The CONDUU Management Suite is highly customizable.
Below you can find examples of Custom Modules that we built on top of our management software specificly tailored to our clients’ needs.

Maintenance Tracking

For a property management company we built a module on top of the Management Suite functionality, to keep track of maintenances that occur within their associations.

Trailer Storage & Invoicing

For an association we built a module on top of the Management Suite functionality, to keep track of rented trailer storages and invoicing.

Other Customizations

Examples of other customizations: 

  • Pets: List of pets in the association including their vaccination status
  • Cars: List of cars and parking permits
  • Boats: List of boats in a Marina with rented slips
  • Clubhouse Memberships, and so on…


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We Setup Everything For You

We prepare everything so that you can be productive from day one. We clean up and import all of your data, setup the mail and letter templates, generate the reports that you might need, add custom fields and create new entities for all the things you may want to store in our system.

We Are There For You

We provide free training, add new features when you need it, and even do content updates for you. Just send us your new documents or announcements to post or send out to the owners and we will do.

As we provide our software as a service, you also benefit from ongoing improvements and new features.

We Know Our Business

We know the business and the needs of associations of different sizes, whether voluntary self-managed or not. We provide you guidance and give advise based on our experience with similar associations.

We Care

We care about security, older and potentially visual impaired owners, and the environment. That is why we are using industry standard security measure and best practices, always have ADA compliancy in mind when we build your site, and host our services on CO2 neutral, green data centers.

"From the beginning, Bob and the entire staff has been very helpful and knowledgeable in determining and developing the right program for my condominium communities."

– James D. Richardson, J.D. Richardson Inc. Property Management Services

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