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Thursday December 9
09:00 am – 10:00 am

Provider #: 0008212 | Course #: 9631135 | 1 CEU in HR/ELE

Presented by Lisa Ziemer and Bobby Currie 

Electronic Voting for Community Associations 
Our Electronic Voting Software saves money, time, and frustrations during 
election processes, while also guaranteeing highest security standards. 

  • Avoid paper ballot expenses that can cost up to $ 10 per ballot vs. $ 1.00 for unlimited electronic votes
  • Owners can vote at their own convenience and do not need to attend a meeting or mail in their vote.  It takes only minutes to cast an electronic vote securely.  
  • Higher level of participation
  • Set up an election in minutes rather than spending hours on printing and mailing 
  • Combine e-votes and paper ballots into one database easily