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Electronic Voting for Condominiums and HOAs (Free Webinar – 1 CEU)

Thursday February 17
10:00 am – 11:00 am

Provider #: 0008212 | Course #: 9631135 | 1 CEU in HR/ELE
Presented by Lisa Ziemer and Bobby Currie

Electronic Voting Software saves money, time, and frustrations during election processes, while also guaranteeing highest security standards. 

  • Avoid paper ballot expenses that can cost up to $ 10.00 per ballot vs. $ 1.00 for unlimited electronic votes
  • Owners can vote at their own convenience and do not need to attend a meeting or mail in their vote.  It takes only minutes to cast an electronic vote securely.  
  • Higher level of participation
  • Set up an election in minutes rather than spending hours on printing and mailing 
  • Combine e-votes and paper ballots into one database easily