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Community Online Communication Connection Concept
By January 1, 2019, a condo association with 150 or more units is required to post digital copies of official records on its association website.
HB 1237 / Florida Statute 718 Amendment of 2017
approved July 2017 by Governor Rick Scott

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reduce costs.

If you manage or work with condo associations, HOA, POA, planned and gated communities, or property management companies, CONDUU will make your job simple to the core!

With our highly-integrated systems your residents can easily communicate with each other, receive and share news and updates, attend to home owners and property management affairs, fill out and send documents and payments, manage guest clearance and much more, virtually from anywhere in the world, with one click, on a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

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Conduu Web Systems Features

transparent pricing. custom-fit packages.

Whether you get a Website, App, Gate Clearance System or all of the above – we charge a onetime set-up fee and a monthly hosting fee.  

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf products and want to create the perfect solution for each and every customer. This is why we take the time to get to know you, your requirements and your priorities. Therefore, we are in a position to create custom-fit, modular proposals and to guarantee that you get exactly what you need at a budget-friendly price.

hassle-free set-up.
proven processes.

We are aware that you might not have the luxury of time to create a website from scratch. That’s what we are here for. We will make the set-up process as hassle-free for you as possible. 

It is our mission to make your job more efficient. Our experience with condominium associations and management companies has leveraged our abilities in providing a convenient set-up process. We will take care of communications with owners, residents, staff and security companies. We will make sure to gather the necessary information and keep everyone abreast, so you don’t have to.

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What Our clients say

“It is a pleasure to work with the CONDUU team on our website here at Old Port Cove. They did an excellent job in creating a vibrant look as well as a user friendly tool for our residents to access. Also, they are very responsive to adding updates as needed. I highly recommend CONDUU for website and app design.”
POA Board President
Frederick Kramer
HOA President (Admiralty) and POA Vice President (Old Port Cove)
"We were quite overwhelmed when we learned about the new condo website law. Thanks to the CONDUU team there was no need to worry. They made sure we provide all the necessary information on our site and uploaded it all. We didn't have to do a thing."
Website Committee Member
Rita Goldstein
POA Website Committee (Jupiter, FL)
“If you are looking for someone to do your website, I would highly recommend CONDUU. Recently, our homeowners association decided to establish a website so that our members could keep in touch with our community no matter where they travelled. Even though we had never done this before, our project manager Lisa carefully listened to us and did an outstanding job in presenting a beautiful website of which we are all proud. In fact, Lisa did such an outstanding job, several of our neighboring condominiums have inquired about her to do their websites as well. Lisa is very knowledgeable, quick to grasp concepts, and very patient with all of our updates and changes. She continues to be a wealth of information and ideas which we use each month as she monitors our website. She is a real gem and we are glad to have her.”
Board Member
Donna Portman
HOA Board Member (Quay North)