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Association Web Portal


Improve Internal & External Communication

A web portal will improve the communication between owners, board, and management, while saving time and money by providing frequently requested documents and forms online.

It will also allow the association to attract new buyer.

Our portal is fully compliant with Florida statues 718 and 720.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

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Document Management

Store all the documents that belong to your association in one place, and make it accessible for those that need it, like owners, tenants, realtors, or the board.

Announcements & Calendars

Keep your owners in the loop by providing them with up-to-date information about what is going on in your association. With the help of calendars all events and deadlines can be found in one place.


Provide owners directories like an apartment directory, board and staff list with contact information, important numbers, preferred vendors list, whatever you need.


Let owners post items in a classifieds section, or share their thoughts in a forum.

Ask them about their opinion in easy to create surveys.

E-Mail Blasts

Send out important information and updates via email. Attach documents to the mailing when needed.


Let owners pay their fees online via credit card or ACH. Let them setup recurring payments, so that they don’t have to worry about late payments ever again.

What Else?

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Let owners reserve amenities online. They can see which date/spot is available, and you can approve or decline.


Create online forms for owners or tenants to fill out and send to you via email.

Photo Galleries

Show the association and its amenities to prospects, or post pictures of social events for owners.

Lobby Screen

Show important announcements on a lobby screen. (This requires third party hardware to work)


We have useful widgets like external links, weather forecast, NOAA Hurricane updates, and many more…

Realtor Access

Let realtors post their homes for sale or create you own list of units available.

Secure Login

Our website is secured by industry standard security measures and best practices.

ADA Compliancy

As there is no such thing like an ADA certification, we try to do all to our best knowledge to be as compliant as possible.


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Proven Processes for Onboarding

We have different options for the owners to get onboard, like activations codes or the possibility to request their account that you can approve. What ever fits your needs.

We Are There For You

We provide free training, add new features when you need it, and even do content updates for you. Just send us your new documents or announcements to post or send out to the owners and we will do.

As we provide our software as a service, you also benefit from ongoing improvements and new features.

Proven Setup Process

We know the business and the needs of associations of different sizes, whether voluntary self-managed or not. We provide you guidance and give advise based on our experience with similar associations.

We Care

We care about security, older and potentially visual impaired owners, and the environment. That is why we are using industry standard security measure and best practices, always have ADA compliancy in mind when we build your site, and host our services on CO2 neutral, green data centers.

Florida Website Law

By January 1, 2019, a condo association with 150 or more units is required to post digital copies of official records on its association website.

By January 1, 2025, the threshold for Condo Associations will be lowered to as little as 25 units. Also HOAs are now required to maintain a website, if they have more than 100 homes. 

"We were quite overwhelmed when we learned about the new condo website law. Thanks to the CONDUU team there was no need to worry. They made sure we provide all the necessary information on our site and uploaded it all. We didn't have to do a thing."

– Rita Goldstein, POA Website Committee

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