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Maintenance Tracking

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Project summary

For a property management company we built a module on top of the Management Suite functionality, to keep track of maintenances that occur within their associations.

What we have done

We leverage the already existing functionality from the Management Suite like the vendor database and task creation and implemented the following new features:


  • List of devices/objects with installation date, serial number
  • For each device a list of maintenances including who has done it (staff, or external vendor) and what has been done
  • Option to upload quotes and invoices¬†
  • Schedule planned maintenances


The management company is now be able to track all maintenances on devices within their associations. They see a history of work that has been done on a device and who has done it, either internally or by an external vendor. They can upload quotes and invoices from vendors/manufactures, and oversee the total cost of maintenances on every device, or grouped by vendor and association. Last but not least they can schedule planned maintenances, assign it to their staff so that it will pop up in their calendar and their personal task list.  

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