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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Deadline has been extended!
By JANUARY 1, 2019, an association with 150 or more units is required to post digital copies of official records on an association website.
HB 1237 / Florida Statute 718 Amendment of 2017
approved July 2017 by Governor Rick Scott
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Web Design


Whether you want a basic website to provide useful information and documents to your members or all the newest features, communication tools and interactive gadgets, we will build the perfect website for YOU. Because we don't believe in off-the-shelf products we will provide a personalized solution for each and every customer that fits your budget.


Today online activity continues to shift to mobile. CONDUU solutions are highly adaptable and modular – ready for the next generation of mobile devices.That is why we combine responsive websites with affordable and customized mobile apps that supplement each other. If you already have a website with us we can set-up your app at any time - of course, at a significant discount.

Social Media


The PIPER APP is a mobile app that allows residents of your community & condominium associations to connect directly to your gatehouse. Once registered, you can manage guest and vendor lists, track visitor history & receive arrival alerts.
Our app enhances and supplements existing systems, eliminating unnecessary overhead & implementation costs.

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Management Tools

Download, read, fill-out, send and manage documents, request forms, applications, inquiries, payments and much more, e.g.:

various access options

Not everyone should have access to all the information on your website. Therefore, we can grant access permissions to:

News and Events

Share the latest information with your community and provide members with the opportunity to share their news, e.g. via:

Useful & Fun Add-ons

Provide members with convenience, speed as well as interaction:


Facilitate communication between residents, owners, board members, staff from management, security, maintenance, and even external service providers:


Always find who you are looking for and contact them through our communication features:

Frequently asked questions

If you manage or work for property management, planned and gated communities, condominium and homeowner associations or a country club, CONDUU will make your job simple to the core! 

It is our mission to make your job more efficient. Our experience with condominium associations and management companies has leveraged our abilities in providing a hassle-free set-up process.

Once your systems are set-up and integrated with existing systems if needed, you will be able to take care of management tasks in secured sections for staff and/or directors. Upload, share and edit documents, manage payments, send reminders, emails and notifications, set deadlines, create to-do lists and complete any virtual task. 

Saving time, money and nerves is a guarantee.



Being part of a planned community, home owners or condominium association is a privilege. Advantages and opportunities come tethered with the chance of living in one of the above.

Nevertheless, you might still miss out on benefits due to a lack of accessible and modern communication channels.

This is why we created CONDUU solutions – mobile apps, members’ websites and management and communication software – specifically designed to make the life of community residents outstanding and effortless.

With our highly-integrated systems you can easily communicate with each other, receive and share news and updates, attend to home owners and property management affairs, fill out and send documents and payments, manage guest clearance and much more, virtually from anywhere in the world, with one click, on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

All of our products are intuitive to use and optimized for diverse user groups. CONDUU designs created by our team of experts are age-appropriate solutions, which ensure people from all walks of life and those who might not consider themselves digital natives will find the same very easy to use.

Home owners and community residents pay good money to enjoy the luxury of gated community living. They are entitled to state-of-the-art communication and management solutions that save time and reduce costs. Moreover, future-oriented digital assistance that provide convenience at home will make communities more attractive for potential buyers.

Nevertheless, we know that decision making in a community involves several parties and reaching a consensus might be difficult. This is why transparency and individual consultation are of paramount regard.

We will make sure our proposal fits your budget and create a personalized solution for each and every community.
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Get a demo website FREE of charge to test for two months - no obligations!

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“People at IBA Technology Consultants really care about the customers and about delivering a perfect product. They are there to answer all of our questions and go out of their way to make the process as convenient and simple for us as possible.”
Sabine Zwetsch

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