Because you deserve a first-class living experience. 

Being part of a planned community, home owners or condominium association is a privilege. Advantages and opportunities come tethered with the chance of living in one of the above.

Nevertheless, you might still miss out on benefits due to a lack of accessible and modern communication channels.

This is why we created CONDUU solutions - mobile apps, members’ websites and management and communication software - specifically designed to make the life of community residents outstanding and effortless.

With our highly-integrated systems you can easily communicate with each other, receive and share news and updates, attend to home owners and property management affairs, fill out and send documents and payments, manage guest clearance and much more, virtually from anywhere in the world, with one click, on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

All of our products are intuitive to use and optimized for diverse user groups. CONDUU designs created by our team of experts are age-appropriate solutions, which ensure people from all walks of life and those who might not consider themselves digital natives will find the same very easy to use.


If you think a mobile app or website would be useful for the community you live in and you are inclined on recommending it to your Board of Directors or Management Company, simply send us an email with the name and address of your community and we will get in touch with the right people.