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What CONDUU customers have to say about us…

“If you are looking for someone to do your website, I would highly recommend Lisa Ziemer.  Recently, our homeowners association decided to establish a website so that our members could keep in touch with our community no matter where they travelled.  Even though we had never done this before, Lisa carefully listened to us and did an outstanding job in presenting a beautiful website of which we are all proud.  In fact, Lisa did such an outstanding job, several of our neighboring condominiums have inquired about her to do their websites as well.  Lisa is very knowledgeable, quick to grasp concepts, and very patient with all of our updates and changes. She continues to be a wealth of information and ideas which we use each month as she monitors our website.  She is a real gem and we are glad to have her.”

Donna Portman

Board of Directors

“It is a pleasure to work with Lisa Ziemer and Conduu on our website here at Old Port Cove.
They did an excellent job in creating a vibrant look as well as a user friendly tool for our residents to access.Also, Lisa is very responsive to adding updates as needed.
I highly recommend Conduu for website design.”

Frederick L Kramer

HOA President at Admiralty

“People at International Business Apps really care about the customers and about delivering a perfect product. They are there to answer all of our questions and go out of their way to make the process as convenient and simple for us as possible.”


Property Management