Business Partners


Because target-oriented communication and competitive marketing doesn't need to be expensive.

Do you own a business, restaurant or shop? Are you looking for an innovative and easy way to:

  • transform it into the next hot item in town?
  • reach the perfect audience without having to spend ridiculous advertising costs?
  • attract a highly-focused customer group of individuals with disposable income?

With CONDUU we can guarantee all of the above. So. let's talk business:

CONDUU solutions bridge connections between local businesses and local communities.

CONDUU users are local residents who want to be part of their neighborhoods and are interested in what is going on around them: Your perfect customer-base.

It's a Win-Win concept: 
1.) You get the opportunity to reach your ideal customers and inform them about exclusive deals.
2.) Residents (and CONDUU users) are kept up-to-date about new openings, or special events in their city and benefit form your offers.

Create your business profiles, notify people about special products, services and events, increase your visibility, direct traffic to your website, or navigate customers directly to your location.

Start today!

With our exclusive starter offers you can test our services for free. 

Our Guarantee


Reach thousands of potential customers who live in your city for negligible costs.


If you feel that you no longer need our service, just cancel it. No hidden costs. No sneaky charges. 


We don’t believe in one-fits-all solutions. All profiles are unique and custom-made.


You don't need a designer or texter. We will set up your profile as part of our service.

We know our IT! We monitor what works best for you and adjust it accordingly.


We want to create an added value for users. No spam. No annoying pop-ups. 

Updates? New offers? Questions? No problem. Our support team is there to help.

We analyze users’ preferences,  therefore we can specifically design your campaign to reach the people who are interested in your services and products. 

Win thousands of customers in 5 simple steps: