Attention Property Managers!

Choosing the RIGHT Software Partner
will save you TIME, MONEY and FRUSTRATION in the long-run.
Make sure you watch this 2 minute video about 3 critical factors:

When choosing a Software Company
for your Associations select a PARTNER that…

#1: Doesn't hide behind a computer.

We meet with each and every association and property manager, present to the board of directors, guide users, … so you don’t have to worry about it.

#2: Provides unique, customized solutions for each association.

We know that each property management company and association is different and requires custom options. That’s what we deliver.

#3: Saves you time & keeps all content up-to-date for you. 

We understand it takes time to keep information up-to-date. And let’s face it, who has that time?That is why we take care of everything for you. From uploading documents, administering users, sending email blasts, to managing e-voting. You name it.

#4: Saves you money.

We don’t charge more for our additional services. How? For example through preferred vendors’ lists. If could let local businesses that you know and value, list their contact information on the website for a small fee to them. This can eliminate all of your monthly expenses.

#5: Values long-term relationships & uses technological advances.

Technology evolves at rapid speed. So should your web solutions. We want to make sure you can make the most of your systems for years to come. Therefore we constantly update and improve our products free of charge to you!

#6: Sees the bigger picture.

CONDUU systems include mobile apps, e-voting, payment options, gate clearance and visitor management systems. Integration of new tools is easy and can be done at any time in the future.

#7: Knows its customers.

We are aware that not all users are equally tech savvy. That is why we make sure that our web solutions are intuitive for users from all walks of life regardless of age and technological literacy.

Don't settle for less!

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